Visit to Bwari Area Council Chairman: Dr John Shekwogazza Baya

Over the years, Tabitha Cumi Foundation has worked in 20+ communities in Bwari Area Council with marginalised women and girls, providing access to health services (Help Mama Keep Baby) and health education, access to basic education through our Second Chance education, vocational training and Tabitha Girls Club. The Foundation has built and handed over three LEA schools in Durumi, Jikoko and Mapa funded by the Embassy of Japan Grant Assistance for Grassroot Project(GGP) ,renovated, constructed and handed over three Primary Health Centre in Durumi, Jikoko and Mapa funded by the US President Emergency Plan for Aids Relief(PEPFAR) to the health department of the Area Council.

Tabitha Cumi Foundation through the Australian Aid worked with over 10 communities in Bwari Area Council on the Girls Safety Initiative Program. This created safe spaces for girls in their communities to interact and share experiences. Girls were identified and trained as peer mentors to the younger girls. Recently, Educating Nigerian Girls In New Enterprises (ENGINE II) the DFID/GEC program led by Mercy Corps Nigeria was implemented by TCF in 13 Bwari schools and 17 Communities.

We have been strategic partners of the Bwari Area Council working with 4 past Chairmen of the Council. Tabitha Cumi Foundation team visited the newly elected Chairman on the 21st of September 2020 to wish him a peaceful and impactful tenure in office as we partner to make more impact in marginalised communities.

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