The Creative Hub Women Cooperative Society Bi-Annual Meeting

TCF Team, Creative Hub Cooperative mentors and members

Creative Hub is a cooperative of ENGINE II and Tabitha girls designed to help girls grow their businesses to the next level through engagements and trainings in product packaging, digital marketing, financial literacy and photography to increase customer base and income generation. Creative Hub is an offshoot of the programme which the organization will continue to support for greater impacts.

The ED TCF and mentors of the Creative Hub Cooperative

On the 19th of May 2021, The Creative Hub Cooperative members held her bi-annual meeting aimed at discussing ways of moving the Hub forward looking at the fact that ENGINE II program had ended. One of the participants testified that during the past training from the creative hub she was supported to improve the quality of bed sheets and duvet production as well as the Tambo beading which has made her popularly known as the “beading designer” in her community’. Also, a member of the Hub stated that “the skills she has acquired from Creative Hub have increased her income.

A cross section of the Creative Hub members

The Creative Hub Mentors Arc Alero Binite and Mrs. Toyin Aladesanmi stated the importance of joining the co-operative. They also emphasized that joining the cooperative will encourage members in their savings and grow their businesses.

A TCF Team member presenting a gift to a member of the Creative Hub Cooperative

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