Exciting Visit to the GBV Alert for Women and Girls’ Empowerment (ENGAGE-Her) Safe Space!!!

It was an inspiring experience when our amazing partners, the Social Protector and Inclusion Advisor Strengthening Civic Advocacy and Engagement (SCALE), Eric Umoru, and the Logistics Officer, Jeffery Chinyam from Palladium paid a special visit to the ENGAGE-Her Safe Space in Idye Community Makurdi, Benue State.
They took their time to interact closely with participants within the safe space and engaged in heartwarming discussions. They were eager to learn about the gains and impact of the ENGAGE-Her project from our participants. The exchange of ideas was truly remarkable.
We are thrilled to report that the discussions left Eric and Jeffery beaming with smiles, knowing that the ENGAGE-Her project is making a real impact on the lives of these young people.
Moments like this remind us of the power of collaboration and support.
Together, we are creating a brighter future for these bright young minds!

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