TCF Marks 16th Anniversary

To mark TCF’S #sweet16th anniversary, we had a 2-day in-house retreat to develop a strategic plan and brainstorm on ways of transforming the organization forward facilitated by the Director of Finance.

The heart of our retreat lay in a comprehensive PESTLE & SWOT analysis. This reflective exercise was not just about assessing where we are or have been, but about envisioning where we are headed. Each team member brought a unique perspective, contributing to insights that will shape our vision and help us make a greater impact in our communities of practice.

Beyond the strategic planning, the retreat served as a powerful catalyst for team spirit as we also took a break from our usual work and had a great time laughing, dancing and sharing stories.
Some team members were present and others joined virtually.
Now, the TCF team is ready for a brighter future with God’s guidance.


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