Review Meeting With the Cluster Coordinators (Mama-Yaras) and the Safe Space Facilitators(Amintacces) on the Flash Light Actions on Girl’s Safety (FLAGS) Project

TCF team facilitated the Cluster Coordinators (Mama-Yara) and safe space Facilitators (Amintacce) review meeting on the Flashlight Actions On Girls Safety Project (FLAGS) funded by the UN Trust Fund To End Violence against Women & Girls.
The recent review meeting with the Mama -yaras and Amintacces, was a powerhouse of discussions!
From the exit roadmap to success stories, challenges, and the sustainability plan for the future, we covered it all.
The highlight of the meeting was recognizing exceptional Amintacces with excellence awards and applauding their dedication to the project’s success with gifts and certificates presented by the Finance Manager Guyana Tongman on behalf of the Executive Director

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