Refresher Training and Awards Presentation On FLAGS

As the FLAGS project nears its close, TCF organized a refresher training session for Amintacces (safe space Facilitators) and Mama-Yaras (cluster Coordinators) with the participation of key stakeholders from NAPTIP, the FCT WomenAffairs Secretariat, and a representative from Bwari Health.
The discussions covered the FLAGS project’ key achievements and opening remarks presented by the Program Manager on behalf of the Executive Director, insights on the role of NAPTIP in combating SGBV in Nigeria presented by Mrs. Ebele Onwugbufor of NAPTIP and practical advice from Mrs. Joy Okosa from the WomenAffairs Secretariat on how to conduct safe interactions with survivors.
The training also refreshed participants on the virtual case management hub, with participants practicing its use and connectivity with service providers and they were also encouraged to share the TCF GBV toll-free line with their communities.
The session concluded with awards presented to participants by the Finance Officer on behalf of the Executive Director, acknowledging their contributions.

Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification on handling GBV issues, fostering an interactive and supportive learning environment.

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