Training of CAC Members to Combat GBV

On the Flashlight Action for Girls Safety (FLAGS) project, TCF provided capacity-building training to members of the Community Action Committee (CAC) in our implementing communities.
The training was held to refresh CAC members on their roles in combating gender-based violence (GBV) in their respective communities as a sustainability approach to the project.
The project manager, on behalf of the Executive Director, gave a welcome speech and an overview of the FLAGS project.
The training sessions covered various topics such as understanding GBV and how it affects women and girls, providing support and resources for GBV survivors, GBV referral pathways, and the dissemination of TCF’s toll-free line.
The event was interactive, with CAC members asking questions and discussing the challenges of preventing and responding to GBV in their communities. The training clarified the way forward in combating GBV.

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