Flash Light Actions on Girls Safety (FLAGS) Project

The FLAGS project is a 3-year (May 2021 to May 2024) project funded by the United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Girls and implemented by TCF to support 750 marginalized adolescent girls between the ages of 10-19 in 10 communities across FCT, Nasarawa, and Niger States to be better informed on gender-based violence and linked to multi-sectoral responses services in the COVID-19 context.

Through the project, 30 safe spaces were created in the implementing communities along with intense community sensitizations. These spaces serve as an educational tool for participants to learn about GBV and other emerging issues that threaten the rights and well-being of individuals. The safe spaces also offer services to participants, including basic education like numeracy and literacy. In addition, legal and psychosocial services are available to survivors of GBV. These are facilitated by trained facilitators (Amintacces) equipped to teach and engage beneficiaries using a well-crafted, easy-to-read, GBV manual.

The project has an innovative feature; Virtual Case Management Hub, an online platform where survivors are connected to multi-sectoral service providers such as the International Federation of Women Lawyers, the Police, and the Sexual Assault Referral Centre. Stakeholders are gathered on the call to hear the survivor speak and offer solutions TCF has leveraged the special feature of this project to help survivors of gender-based violence even outside the project scope receive justice and avoid the trauma of repeating their stories. This has been a successful approach to ensure a coordinated response to gender-based violence and help survivors access the necessary support services.