Health Service Delivery

As part of our effort to reduce maternal and infant morbidity and mortality, Tabitha Cumi Foundation established Primary Health Centres to provide access to health for thousands of women and their children who lacked access to any in their vicinity and could not afford to travel to the nearest centres due to poverty.

The first PHC was an old school building renovated by the foundation in 2009 in Durumi community .Thereafter , with the support of the US PEPFAR Funds, PHC’s were built and equipped in Mapa in 2013 and Jikoko in 2017. These centres were handed over to the Area Council for staffing and day to day running . The provision of these PHCs has prevented mother to child transmission of HIV, provided access to ante natal care , safe delivery, post natal care , family planning ,immunization and registry of birth to thousands of women, adolescent girls and their children.

TCF has continued to monitor these PHCs and support them by carrying out health awareness campaigns and providing drugs and medical supplies with various groups and organizations like Medical Woman Association of Nigeria, Nigerian International Association of Pennsylvania and Ecobank.